Day 23 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Dan Baptist

Isaiah 43:19
19 For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?

It’s now day 23 of our 40 days of devotion. This morning I failed and succeeded in devotion!

Have you ever planned a day out with a loved one, only for the day to be side swiped by another activity? Recently I planned a spa retreat for Hannah’s birthday. I sought a great internet deal for a one night stay at Donnington spa, including a massage treatment (for Hannah) and an all-inclusive breakfast (for us both!).

With two weeks to go until the surprise treat, we received the exciting news that we were pregnant. With my limited knowledge I knew this would possibly affect our planned weekend. However I definitely wasn’t prepared for the Massage to be cancelled, hot tub to be out of bounds and Hannah’s breakfast to be thrown back up!

Instead of the weekend I prepared, we got a better one. I’m not referring to the things we missed out on but rather the time spent together, secret smiles exchanged and excited chats over decaffeinated coffee! It was all I ever desired for a birthday treat.

This devotion series started for me as a perceived failure. I didn’t read the book I had set aside, or study the scripture I had prepared. Instead I spent an hour before work with a friend excitedly discussing our salvation and Jesus’ work in our lives. I heard testimonies that stirred my spirit and we looked together at different scriptures that renewed our minds.

It would be crazy for me to refuse the better blessings of Hannah and my weekend away because it didn’t line up with my pre-conceptions. Our time away was wonderful and built our marriage in ways a massage for 1 never could!

In the same way God reminds us that this devotion is about knowing HIM better, and not about a reading plan. Don’t miss what God is saying because you already think you know what it’ll be like!

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