Day 22 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Natalie Down

Do you know what my problem is…? I want to do everything at once, and if I don’t I feel like I’ve failed and then get disheartened. That’s how I felt the 40 days of devotion was going about a week ago. I wanted to worship, pray, read the bible and wait on God throughout my day, but that’s a lot for someone to do in one day when life is so busy.

So, I stopped for a second, re-evaluated, and erased the negativity. I realised that I’m not failing, but I’m learning, I’m learning how I connect with God best and that there are so many ways to do so. I’ve stopped making up excuses but owned up to the fact that it’s my fault I don’t have a close relationship with God and it’s time I do something about it. So, on my road of discovery I have listened to inspiring sermons, worshiped to powerful songs, started to learn verses and been on a morning prayer walk. All of these things I am enjoying and it’s causing me to seek more.

Devotion isn’t just about these 40 days, it’s about a lifestyle. So, for me, these 40 days are now about discovering new and different ways to connect with God so that I can devote myself to him for the rest of my life.

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