Day 20 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Sue Wood

At Academy in January, we were asked to review our walk with God. We were given a list of questions which would help us to reflect on this issue and one of the questions related to ‘fasting!’ Inwardly I cringed, because it was a discipline that I had not practised. After a few minutes listening to others talking about different types of fasting and the benefit they had experienced, I drummed up the courage to confess to the small group that I was with, that I personally had never fasted. Within what seemed like ages, but in fact was a few seconds, another member of the group shared the same fact. It was suggested to us that this could be something we both focus on throughout the ‘40 days of devotion’ and that perhaps we could fast and pray together.

For the last 3 weeks I have been fasting one day a week from sunrise to sunset with this prayer partner. During the day when we should eat a meal, we meet to pray specifically for the promises of God that we are hoping for regarding our friends and family. What difference has this made to me and my walk with God? It is early days, but I am beginning to discover that my ‘hunger for food’ during this time is being replaced with a ‘hunger for more of the Holy Spirit.’ Also, I am feeling drawn more and more to start my prayer time with praise, thanks and adoration for all that God has done for us and to listen for His voice and pray for the things that He lay on my heart.

In a nutshell, I am learning that ‘to regularly fast from food can be a feast for the Holy Spirit within me!’

What have you chosen for your 40 days of devotion and how is it affecting your walk with God?

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