With such a response of compassion for what is going on in Ukraine we wanted to give some ways JCC are looking to help, and some ways you too can be involved.

Our personal relationship with the Churches in Ukraine goes back many years. ‘Triumphant Grace’ is a Newfrontiers sphere in Ukraine numbering 14 Churches lead by Igor Bogomaz.

One of these Church pastors, Victor, with his wife Polina lead a Church in Kyiv. Since the invasion, Victor and Polina have sheltered people in their home, travelled to distribute medical and food supplies, and cared for those impacted by war.

Their love for those they pastor is incredible. One example is their decision to remain in Kijv despite the dangers, giving their 12-seater car to another family to flee in their place!

With these living links to churches, pastors, and people we are choosing to put our support in their hands to distribute the humanitarian aid as they are able. This means your support is immediately in the hands of those positioned to help and will partner with the hope of Jesus in their hands.

So what can we do?

Here are some practical ways we in East Grinstead can begin to help at this time.

Prayer – We will continue to pray for Ukraine and our friends impacted. You can sign up to join a daily update WhatsApp giving prayer requests – contact Laurence Evans for more.

Financial support – As of Sunday 20th believers at JCC have already given over £5500 to Victor & Triumphant Grace churches. This has been turned into food, aid, and provision. You can join these individuals by sending a gift to JCC who will then pass it on. Every Wednesday for the next month we plan to gather all these gifts sending them on, with the addition of the gift aid we can claim.

The sweetness of your mother tongue – For a refugee to hear a welcome in their own language will be a sweet thing. Therefore, if you heart is filled with compassion, you can begin to learn some simple phrases in Ukrainian, in preparation for the welcome we anticipate JCC will offer. Duolingo is one such app you can download https://www.duolingo.com/

Offer a home – Through the government sponsorship scheme, we can register ourselves to welcome people fleeing the conflict. We have registered our support as a Church, and you can also register your interest as individuals or small groups. If you do this then do let us know by contacting the Church office office@jcceg.co.uk . This way, should a family we know through the Churches we are linked with, need housing, we can link you up. https://sanctuaryfoundation.org.uk/#pledge

Befriending and integration – There is a group of 12 or so members at JCC who have begun to prepare for caring for and befriending refugees. You can connect in with this group to pray and keep connected – contact sue@jcceg.co.uk

Practical gifts and collections – JCC aren’t planning to fill a lorry or take practical gifts. However if this is of interest to you then the Catholic Church (Our Lady and St Peter’s) has links and has already filled a truck.

Through all of this we can stand with those impacted by warfare. We thank you for your generosity, love and compassion and pray for Gods kingdom to come quickly.

In Love Dan Baptist – Lead Pastor