Hi, my name is Winnie. You may have seen me singing with the worship team or occasionally leading prayer at JCC.

I have a passion for good wholesome food. I have been cooking all my life and have realised that this is an amazing gift from God.

Food brings people together; people relax when they are eating. I have seen and love the dynamic this brings to individual lives; food has always played a big part in my life.

This idea for the café was birthed through prayer. Helen Knight and I prayed together and realised that we could both see a need for a café at JCC. The power of the Holy Spirit has now made this vision God gave to Helen and myself a reality.

The key to the café is providing good wholesome food for anyone that visits JCC and the surrounding community. We wanted a space that was accessible to everyone, providing affordable refreshment to visitors and local business.

The café has applied for Community Interest Company status, the directors are Liz Scotcher, Mark Berry, Mark Harvey and me. Setting up a CIC will enable all profits to be given to the church and used for the Jubilee Church initiatives.

The café has a strong project team, Glynn Phillips, Liz Scotcher, Kristian Dochev, Holly Gunter, Natalie Down with support from Trustees Mark Berry and Mark Harvey. They all have a host of valuable expertise to assist in getting the café operational by the end of March 2022.

The Architects Turner & Hoskins, https://www.turnerandhoskins.co.uk, have played a key part in visualising and planning the café space, providing tremendous, invaluable support for this vision.

We also plan to bring in initiatives for a free food day, buying meals and coffees forward to be passed on to those who cannot afford to pay.

We are excited and believe the café will work with and feed into the current initiatives at JCC. Our mission is to show the love, compassion and mercy of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ to all.