I’m suffering from something called POM syndrome it’s apparently quite common in Christians, it’s the poor old me syndrome! You know when trouble comes your way you start looking down moping… I had forgotten what a wise old woman said the cure for it was!

When I’m struggling with things I need to stop looking at my feet and lift my head. The other day the Lord gave me Psalm 123 v 1 and all I did was moan at God till He told me to read on to Psalm 125 v 1. Okay, I thought, I raised my head and ran into Daddy’s arms and smiled because that is my security, not in myself but in Him.

So many times has the verse, “All things come together for the good of those who love Him”, Romans 8:28 helped me to remember that when things are bad they are good because God has an amazing plan – a plan to do me good.

So my 40 days will be spent catching people’s eyes, smiling and lifting heads to the coming King. His word tells me to encourage others so I’m going do just that – 1 Thessalonians 5.

Come on, ladies Shine and men dig deep!


Sharon Hill