I hadn’t properly decided what to do for my 40 days of devotion at the start; we had a fairly big life change that threw me off course for a couple of weeks with getting our lovely dog!

Thankfully, God is always making the first move and I suddenly realised He was speaking to me and challenging me on the area of hospitality.

It seemed that everywhere I looked, read or listened  I was unable to escape God speaking to me about hospitality.

Firstly, in my devotions I do with the girls the whole weeks theme was about being hospitable, particularly looking at Hebrews 13:2.

Secondly, I had started reading a book called The Gospel Comes with a House Key. It is a very challenging book, I don’t agree with everything, but not wishing to throw the baby out with the bath water I have persevered with it. In doing so I’ve felt God dealing with some unhealthy attitudes that have crept in, resulting in me wanting to remain comfortable in who comes into my home, for how long and when. Like the gracious God that He is He has helped me to dig those things out & to begin to want to see more community in our home of both believers and non believers.

Thirdly, we are coming to the end of an amazing season with our wonderful neighbours who have taught me SO much about being willing to be open with my home, my time and my possessions.

So I am excited to see how God is going to use our home as I try to step out in the grace of God to gather those who don’t know him yet, into our home.

Abi Cowley