Before the 40 Days of Devotion I felt God speak to me about the importance of praying persistently, passionately and fervently. Essentially, I was set a heavenly challenge to really go after things!

In all honesty, this is a really big shift in how I have thought and prayed up until now in my Christian walk. I have become accustomed to praying about things once or twice and then accepting that is just the way it is meant to be.

I think I have previously and unconsciously thought that persistent prayer seemed like an attempt to twist God’s arm or wear him down. I have come to know that this is utter nonsense.

Over these 40 days I have started out on a journey to keep going after things for myself and on behalf of friends. Practically, I have created a tick list on my phone of around 5 items that I pray for roughly three times a week as I sit on the train to work in the morning.

This journey has started to reshape my thinking and I feel God has drawn me into a greater depth of relationship with him as I pursue him in different situations.


Nate Down