I don’t know about you but my phone has started doing something different. I now get a weekly report which tells me my screen time usage and stats. Oh my! Is all I can say. I didn’t realise quite how many interruptions I was receiving throughout the day so quickly changed notification setting to help me be more present. This helped reduce my screen time but not by enough. I still have to do my day job so I will keep organising, planning and responding to emails at work. However, I will not be using screens for personal use ie: videos, insta feeds, social media for a little feel good inspiration or YouTube for new music.


During the 40 days I’m going to convert to some slower, low tech options like exercise, cooking, getting outside and reading those great books that lay bought and unread. I have no doubt it’s going to be a challenge but I’m tired of taking the low effort option whilst deeper relationship with God is on offer and available. Time is a key love language and that is what I want to give to the most important relationship.


Jed Cowley