I need to stop swearing. Why? Because if Jesus was sitting next to me would I want to swear? No. And Jesus is here and the Holy Spirit is within me. Swear words do not shine His light. For those of you who don’t swear, this will still be helpful…

In my journey of learning, I have learnt it’s not about swearing, it’s about starting at the beginning – our attitude to what comes out of our mouths. It’s about being thankful even in the darkest times. We won’t be thankful for the dark times but we can still be thankful for other blessings and for God always being with us.

I listened to Joyce Meyer who said, “God gave you your house – stop moaning about the cleaning.” You prayed to have your kids, husband/wife stop moaning about them! We tell our kids to be grateful as it seems nothing is ever good enough for them and they always want more.

God tells us the same.

Stop the moaning and complaining and thank God every morning as even in the darkest times there are things to thank Him for. Think what comes out of our mouths as we are shinning His light. Don’t dim that light by constant complaining, moaning, gossiping and by swearing. Try having 1 day with no complaining or moaning at all. That includes when driving and kids driving you mad! It’s harder than it may seem! Let’s all change our mouths.