During the 40 Day Devotion, I tried to replicate the pattern I began last year, which was to stop work 3 times/day and spend 5-10minutes in worship, being still, praying and listening to God. It worked a treat last year; I came to value the pauses and rhythm of checking in with my heavenly Father. This year I’m in a different season, a different work pattern and really the only Quiet Times I am having is when I switch off the radio in my car.

In our Community Group the other week we lingered over Psalm 46. The Psalm is alive with fierce, terrifying energy (earthquakes, floods, war), yet in the midst of this God’s voice resounds, “Be Still and Know that I am God.” Kate Bryant reminded us that this is not passive resting but an active participation in letting God fight the battles that are around us. And I remembered Aaron and Hur in Exodus 17:12 lifting Moses’ arms when he grew weary. Moses sat on a rock resting and worshipping as God did battle in the valley. Or Elisha besieged by Aram’s army in 2 Kings 6 and yet surrounded by a far larger heavenly army in the spiritual realm.

These Bible stories give me a model of stopping that I can embrace in the midst of a busy season: to keep worshipping whole-heartedly as He fights the battles, invite the support of friends when I’m getting weary, and ask God to give me vision to see the things of heaven around me.

Suggested worship song: Surrounded (Fight my battles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBl84oZxnJ4