There is now so much availability of information. This may encourage us to form opinions, or try to persuade us as to how we should respond to situations. Anyone who has followed the Brexit negotiations will know that the availability of so much information can be confusing.


Whether you are reading the paper, listening to the radio, watching TV or following favourites on social media, it is hard to arrive at an informed unbiased view of things.  Fortunately, the sources of all this information can be put aside or turned off.


I have found I need to make a conscious effort to actually use the off switch and allow space to read my bible and listen to God.

This is my focus in these 40 days of devotion and it does help me get things in perspective especially when there is so much turmoil around.


Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Matthew 11:15


“God is transmitting to his church. If we switch off, or listen to another channel, we cannot blame God’s transmitter.” (quote from Philip Yancey)

Doug Hedges