This year has been a year of change for me, not in terms of circumstances or my physical well-being, but in terms of who I am at a fundamental level. Praise be to God that there is nothing that can separate us from His love and He is the one always seeking to draw us closer to Him!


I have started on the day after Ash Wednesday, but this is OK. In prayer I’ve asked the Lord to show me what I can be devoting to Him in this period. And our gentle, loving Father has stirred me to two things:


The first: an area of my life that He wants me to truly change at the core of my character, I need to change the underlying ‘why’ of a very personal area of my life that has been the wrong ‘why’ for many, many years.


The second: to write in my journal every day and reflect upon where God is leading me from our daily time that we spend in His Word and in prayer in the mornings.


My prayer for us all is that God would break into each one of our lives and prune us to holiness and to bear much fruit to His glory. Amen.


Christo Muller