3 December 

The Flood: Genesis 6, 8:13-9:17 

As we look forward to Christmas during this season which has two purposes, looking back to the advent of Jesus coming as a humble human being and forwards to the second coming of Jesus, in power.  We celebrate the first coming on Christmas day for which the Jews had waited a couple of thousand years but they, by and large, didn’t recognise that coming and so missed it. 

The story of the flood provides a warning that God has a day when things will completely change. The old is done away with and a totally new world comes.  The men of that day were so violent that God regretted making mankind.  What a devastating statement!  

Fortunately, God had a man and a plan to save mankind.  It was an escape route with the Ark that Noah had to build but only eight people took it.  There was a day when the floods came on the earth which was devastating.  Afterwards God brought them out and blessed them and made a covenant with them, which was far more than promises, it was a total commitment of God to them. 

Sin had not been eradicated in the flood, merely the many who committed sin but as we can see later in Genesis, mankind continued to sin.  However, God has a man and a plan to finally deal with it which He had promised to Adam and Eve and now we know that it is Jesus who provides the way to save us out of the inevitable end, and everything will change.  It is no longer a physical vessel but the sacrificed life of the Son of God which is the world’s only means of salvation from God’s coming judgement, just as the Ark had been for Noah and his family. 

It is available to all.  If you haven’t already taken this way then you can do so today by asking for forgiveness for your sin and turning away from where you are going and receive Jesus into your life.  This will open up, a new dawn, a new day, a new creation, a new eternal life. 

The Lord bless you today and if you have prayed for God’s forgiveness and received Jesus into your life then please contact the Church on www.jcceg.co.uk. 

Norman Gaddas 

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