2 December 

The Fall: Genesis 3  

Actions had consequences for Adam and Eve in the account in Genesis 3 so that they were banned from the garden and the close presence of God. 

“Don’t touch” and “don’t eat that” are probably words that you, like me, can remember from childhood and we learned to appreciate that we should not touch stinging nettles because they really sting and certain foods like too much ice-cream can make us very unwell.   

As we grow up we don’t forget the early warnings of childhood and our knowledge of things that are harmful and things that are good, grows. Yet it seems temptation to do what we should not do is so strong, whatever that temptation may be. Hence we find ourselves in the same place as they were in Genesis 3, and recognise that battle between what is good and ultimately evil is at play in this world. But help in leading our lives aright is not far away because we can turn to God in prayer. 


Heavenly Father thank you that we are not shut out from your presence like Adam and Eve were because today Jesus has made a way for us through his death on the cross. Your word says that because Jesus himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help me resist when I am tempted to do the wrong 

So I come to you by faith and ask that when I am tempted to do what is not right, you will send your Holy Spirit and help me in my time of need, leading me in the way of what is right.  Amen  


Glynn Phillips 

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