15 December 

Israel’s Broken Kingdom: Kings and Prophets 

Solomon: 1 Kings 8-9 

My mother has always wanted to become a nurse, and she commenced her nurse training in her younger years. Unfortunately, life got in the way and she had to give up her training and passion. Growing up I have always heard that I would continue what my mother had started. So, it was. 

Reading through the scriptures has reminded me of how King David yearned in his heart to build a temple for the name of the Lord. However, the Lord commended David for the desires of his heart, while letting him know that he would not be the one to build this temple but his son Solomon would- 1 Kings 8: 17-19.  

Solomon succeeded in completing the wishes of his father’s heart as was the plan of God. Solomon was a wise leader and he made sure that when he dedicated the Temple, all the Elders, the heads of tribes and chiefs were present. For two weeks they fellowshiped and celebrated- 1 Kings 8:65. Most importantly, they were there to witness that powerful dedication prayer. I do believe this was done to ensure that word would reach those who could not attend. 

As we approach this festive season there are things that we may desire; we may begin to write lists of things we want and activities we want to participate in, also places we may want to go. However, let’s stop and check with God that these things that we seek are for the purpose and will of God. These are things that we may desire but our Heavenly Father knows best. The desires of our hearts, however, pure they may be, are not always in alignment with the perfect plan and will of God.   


Lord I pray that you will grant us humility and wisdom like Solomon requested, and like You did back then, I pray you grant us the things we have also not asked for. I pray You may help us to understand that your answers are always wiser than our prayers and desires. I pray Father that we realise how important it is to fellowship and celebrate and break bread together in your name. I pray your perfect will be done in our lives. As we journey through the Christmas period, I pray our focus will solely be on You. Amen. 

Elecia Buckley 

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