Final Thoughts

Well, that’s very much up to you. Do you want to seek after improved wellbeing? The Bible tells us we can look forward to a time when there will be no more tears, sorrow, crying or pain and we will enjoy perfect wellbeing (Revelation 21:4) in eternal life with God. 

In the here and now, we can make a choice to have improved wellbeing with the help of God. I would suggest you ask yourself a question. Is this something you want and if so, is this something you are willing to invest time and effort into obtaining? God has such wonderful things in store for you to have life and have it to the full (John 10:10). 


I would urge you not to ignore your personal wellbeing and I hope my story of burnout will prompt you to seek after raising your awareness and desire to assess your wellbeing and to start making changes and steps towards improved wellbeing. Small Steps – there is a great book called Atomic Habits by James Clear and I would recommend this for reading, but essentially he emphasises the importance of making small incremental changes and steps that can then start to become habitual in your life. This leads to them becoming sustainable and resilient as opposed to more radical big changes that tend to be short-lived and difficult to maintain. 

Revisit & Evaluate

I hope you start to view your wellbeing as an ongoing process of continuous evaluation and change. This is all about taking hold of life to the full which is the reason Jesus came, and it is God’s desire for us as His children.

There will be different seasons in your life and at times it will be more difficult to ‘invest’ in your wellbeing than others. Thankfully, we have a wonderful merciful loving God who always wants the best for us whatever our circumstances, and our wellbeing is more dependent on who He is rather than who we are.
So even if we are in a challenging season of life, I believe we can still all receive improved wellbeing by drawing closer to Him.