Vision & Values – Kingdom of Signs and Wonders

September 20, 2015

Bible Text: Isaiah 61 |


Jubilee Kingdom Culture – Signs & Wonders

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 61, Luke 4:16-18, Luke 3:22, Luke 10:8-9, Acts 10:38, Matt 3:17


Application Questions:

1)    Jubilee – How do we see jubilee demonstrated in our neighbourhood, our nation & the nations?

2)    Holy Spirit – Read Acts 1:8 & 2:1-4. Spend time with Holy Spirit, asking Him to empower you to be a witness in your neighbourhood.

3)    Identity – Ask Holy Spirit to highlight any lies you believe about yourself.

4)    Healing – Spend some thanking God for healings that you have seen! Pray for God’s Kingdom to come and healing “recovery of sight for the blind” to break out.

5)    Liberty – What stops you from stepping out in faith and believing for signs & wonders?

6)    Disappointment – Read Psalm 22. Have you had to process any disappointment? Spend some time being honest with God about hurt on a heart level, and then re-establish your trust by proclaiming truth about who God is.

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