Sovereignty & Submission

June 12, 2022

Bible Text: John 5:17-47 |

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The Bible tells us that we were all created  for God’s glory, therefore our greatest fulfilment will be when we learn to submit to the will of God. True submission to God’s authority is actual not constraint which is what we imagine, but rather true freedom - freedom to be who we really were designed to be - made in God’s image. In fact submission is modelled supremely by Jesus - it is at the very heart of the relationship within the triune God.

However we must understand that…

  1. Submission is about struggling
  2. Submission is a decision of the will
  3. Submission means joy

Jesus tells us that all scripture speaks about and points to him (John 5:39) if we have eyes to see, and he invites us therefore to “come to him” (John 5:40) in order to discover and to live this true life of freedom and joy. This is pointing to the gift of the Holy Spirit (John 7:37) who fills us with the blessing of God - his very presence living in us.

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