Rebuilding the Walls of Prayer-Praying the Word

January 12, 2020

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What is the Word?
Written- Holy Scripture, Spoken - prophetic, Jesus- the living Word and The Spirit Revealed Word.

Why should we(I) pray the word?
We(I) Pray according to the will of God and our(my) prayer gets answered.
There is power in the Word. Its the sword of the Spirit
God honours His word above His name
God created by the Word
The word has all that we(I) need.

How do we pray the Word
Abide in Him. His presence, His Glory.
Read, Study, meditate on and pray The written word
Wage war with the prophetic.
Pray in the name of Jesus.
Pray in faith - Believe and Speak. Confess, Decree and Declare and Affirm the word.
Pray in the Holy Spirit
Application question
what practical steps will you take to grow in your prayer life in 2020?

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