May 1, 2016

Bible Text: Mark5:21-43 |


Today is the day of salvation. You can be made whole

Mark 5:21-43, Luke 17:1-10, Romans 10:17 


You are healed and made whole because the kingdom of God is here. Jesus, the King, has brought the realm and the authority of the kingdom of God to us. Grace and mercy triumph over judgement.

You are a minister of healing, salvation and wholeness because you are part of the kingdom’s ministry team.


“Your faith has made you whole”.

Go from little faith to great faith. Hear the WORD, Heed the WORD, Test the WORD

Use your mustard seed faith in the ALMIGHTY God of Grace to move mountains:

Receive healing, miracles and your dead back to life.

Keep your ears tuned to THE WORD, avoid distractions and discouragement.


Discussion and meditation

  • How can I personally strengthen my faith?
  • Can you commit yourself to memorise 1-2 scriptures every month for the next 12 months.
  • What opportunities are you missing to use and to test your faith?

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