Hebrews 13:8-21

July 13, 2014

Bible Text: Hebrews 13:8-21 |


Key Texts: Hebrews 13:8-21, Heb 12:1-3; Phil 2:1-11

• The final chapter!!! It’s all about Jesus
• The writer is totally convinced that there is no one in all of Jewish history who even comes close to this individual who is both fully man and fully God
• The consistency of Jesus Christ. The Truth of Christ.
• “When man stops believing in God the issue is not that he believes nothing, rather it is that he will start to believe anything”
• The revelation of the Character of GOD in and through Christ. The centrality of the cross of Christ.
• The perfect summary of Hebrews 12:1-3

Application Questions:

• Where is Jesus in your priorities?
• How is that expressed in our lives as individuals and a community?
• What draws our eyes away from Jesus?
• When we find ourselves drifting towards indifference about Jesus who do we confide in?
• In your community group talk about how you might be even more honest when we face hard times and trials that can dent our faith.

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