God’s Big Picture – Trusting God through Difficult Times

June 28, 2015

Bible Text: Isaiah 36-39 |



Key Text: HEZEKIAH, Isaiah 36-39. John 16.


Difficult times will come: Jesus promised two great promises, Peace and Deliverance. Glory to God! Difficult and Disappointing times can be used by the enemy of our souls against us. But God uses them to make us more like Jesus.


-Grow the relationship even before trouble comes.

-Understand His powerful acts and know His loving heart toward you.

-The enemy does not have final Word, though he roars.

-Pray for deliverance, ask for Grace and strength.

-Keep trusting, believing, and declaring the goodness and love of the father over you.

-Who are you conversing with? You need to hear what God is saying in your situation: the blessing of the prophetic: Converse with the Holy Spirit.



-What is hemming you in? You can have deliverance and Freedom in Christ today.

-Do you know your father?

-Do you know who you are?

-Does deliverance always come? What do you do when the passing through the valley   of the shadow of death becomes endless?

-If God is so good and loving, why does he let such difficulty come our way?

-How can I grow in conversation with the Holy Spirit?

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