God’s Big Picture – Judges

April 12, 2015

Bible Text: Judges 2:1-3:5 |


Key Text: Judges 2:1-3:5, 2 Tim 3:16, 1 Peter 1:10

Key Points

  • Judges – the bridge between conquest and Kingdom
  • Structure (Judges 2:1-3:5)

o   Syncretism

o   Judgement

o   Mercy

o   Deliverance

  • Despicable me!

o   stop blaming the previous generation

o   start winning in my generation

o   go on equipping the next generation

  • Glorious God
  • Jesus

Discussion Questions

  • Where do we get caught up in repetitive sin and disobedience?
  • What “god” might we be chasing in this situation?
  • Why have we lost sight of Jesus in this situation?
  • Who can practically help us bring the victory of Christ into this situation?
  • How are we actively equipping the next generation?