God’s Big Picture – Joseph, Permission to dream

February 22, 2015

Bible Text: Genesis 37 |


Joseph: Permission to dream - Dreams & Visions...

Key Text: Gen 37-50, Heb 11:22, Joel 2:28-32, Acts 2:17-18, 39,

  1. Kingdom Influencers
  2. Spirit-filled community
  3. God’s big picture

Application Questions:

1) What are the dreams & visions on your heart to influence earth with heaven? If you don’t have any, now is the time to ask for a dream/vision from God…

2) What stops us going for our dreams? What helps us go for our dreams? Why not set some smart God goals helping you move closer to your dreams.

3) Do you fit into the categories of Joel 2 & Acts 2:17-18? When were you last filled with Holy Spirit? Why not spend some time inviting the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh...

4) How do you usually hear from God, other people, the Word, Angels, prophetic words, pictures, dreams? Spend some time before you sleep asking God to speak to you...

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