Galatians (Week 4)

August 9, 2015

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Key verses: Gal. 4:4-7

The doctrine of adoption. What does it mean?

1. Freedom from slavery

2. Security and assurance

3. Intimacy with our Father

4. Inheritance of Grace

The Galatians had received "another gospel".

Do we want:

Counterfeit or Real

Religion or Relationship

Slavery or Sonship

Key words:

1. Abba

2. Heart

3. Spirit

4. Heirs


Application Questions:

1. What does It mean to call God Abba? (Gal 4:6) What gets in the way of our intimacy with God? How can we draw closer to God our Heavenly Father?

2. What had happened to the Galatians' inner joy? (Gal. 4:15)  Why was that? If we've lost our joy, how can we get it back again?

3. How does the fact of our adoption into God's family affect our daily lives? Should it affect us more profoundly?