David Rowsell: Mark 6:7-29

May 22, 2016

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Jesus Sends out the Twelve

Key Passages:  Mark 6:7-29 (Matt 10: 1-16; Luke 9: 1-6); Matt 28:18-20; John 14:10-14

Key principle #1 - Authority & responsibility

Key principle #2 - Freely you have received, freely give

Key principle #3 - Rest a while

  • Jesus did what he saw his Father doing
  • He was clear in passing on his mission
  • We carry his authority
  • A clear expectation of power
  • If you don’t ask …
  • Work from a place of rest

Application questions:

How can you get a clearer insight into what the Father is doing?

How can you get a better understanding of Jesus’ kingdom mission?

How could you raise your expectations of what the Holy Spirit can do through you?

Sermon Topics: