Welcome to our second worship themed blog post of this year! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the first post, feel free to take a look and find out a little more about how we prioritise worship here at JCC.

In a shorter post today I’m going to be suggesting a few ideas for worshipping as part of community groups. We’ve had a fantastic summer term of equipping, and as we move into this term I’m looking forward to worshipping in a small group setting again. I understand that ‘worship’ can be a tricky for some community groups, especially if you’re not blessed with a great instrumentalist or singer as part of your group.

Hopefully the next few ideas and tips will help you to make the most of your worship times together!

First, a few pointers….
• Embrace the uniqueness of your group! Look at the ways in which your group enjoys worshipping and celebrate those!
• Give everyone a chance to lead! It’s a great opportunity for different individuals to bring their own creativity and ideas to your worship times, and ensures one person doesn’t become the ‘Worship person’!
• Try everything once! If a new idea or way of worshipping is suggested, why not give it a go? God can move amongst your community group in ways you could never imagine!

Why not try….
Focusing on Scripture
– Choose a particular part of scripture; this might be a passage which you have looked at previously together as a small group, one which speaks to you personally, or simply a popular or uplifting passage.
– You could choose to play some instrumental music and sing the passage over one another, or you could pray the passage out verse by verse. You could also read through the scripture, and choose a verse or point from the passage to prophecy over an individual in your group.
– Focusing on scripture is a great place to start worshipping as a community group, and is a sure fire way of ensuring you are declaring truth during your times of worship!
Creative Writing
– Some may struggle to express worship in song or in prayer, but may find it easier to spend a little longer writing down what we feel we want to say to God, or what we feel God is saying to us!
– One easy way to facilitate this is to spend some time as a group opening up the bible, putting on some worship music and simply writing down anything we feel God is speaking to us about. This could be specific prayers for your current situation, biblical truths we want to declare over ourselves, poems based on the character of God, the possibilities are endless!
– If you wanted to increase the interaction in a worship time like this you could encourage individuals to write positive messages or prophetic words for another individual on a post-it, and go and stick it on that person!

These are just a couple of ideas you might want to use in your community groups in the coming weeks, hopefully they will help to spark up some fresh ideas for your worship times! I would love to hear about how God is moving amongst you, or any other worship ideas you might have that I could include in a future post! Let me know on toby@jcceg.co.uk