Father’s matter! One of those statistics that gets banded around without anyone really knowing where it came from states that the average 16 year old is more likely to have a tv in their bedroom that a Father living in their house! Elsewhere we read that the majority of young men in prison today did not have an active father in their lives when they were growing up. Both these things may well be statistically true and should cause us pause for thought. However, what is also true is that there are many Fathers who are working as hard as they can to do the best they can for their children.

This Fathers day we want to celebrate the role of Fathers in our community. We want to encourage and equip those who have been given the huge privelage of fatherhood. We want to stand with Dad’s as they play their part in building a culture of grace at Jubilee.

Whether you are a Father yourself or simply want to celebrate Fatherhood why not join us at Jubilee on the 15th June.

We will be celebrating the Father heart of God towards all of us, standing with some new Dad’s as they dedicate themselves to bringing up their children in a home full of the love of God, and we will then head of to East Court for a church family picnic.

As we did on Mother’s day we will be joining together as a church family with one meeting starting at 10:00 and then gathering at East Court from 12:30.

We would love you to join us.