What led me to this moment?


For many years I have been sitting on a call from God that would send me to the nations. “What made you go now?” I hear you ask. Well, it came to a head when I met up with amazing friends of mine who make up an international worship ministry called ‘Vinesong’. They believe they heard from God that I was being called to America, that I should take the call seriously, to not hesitate and go now. This accompanied many other words of knowledge and prophesy which made my soul leap. One specific word of knowledge was YWAM. This unfolded very quickly, and I soon began applying for a YWAM course at Virginia Beach. This was the bio I read: ‘This Prophetic Worship Discipleship Training School aims to cultivate an atmosphere of worship. And teach you how to bring the atmosphere of heaven to earth through prophetic worship. As well as use worship as your weapon against the enemy. Together we will learn about Worship, the Prophetic, and the Kingdom of God.’ I couldn’t have found anything more alike to what I believe God was calling me to do for his Kingdom. I was accepted a few days later and God was continuing to show me that this is where he wanted me to be by moving a few mountains that got in the way.


Matthew 14:22-36


God has been speaking to me hugely about the terrifying and thrilling adventure of getting out the boat of comfort and walking on the waters of faith. I don’t want fear of failure, passivity, or anything else to continue to stop me from saying yes to God or to miss out on what God has in store for my life. This is something that I’ve always struggled with, and I know that this isn’t going to be easy by any means. I don’t want to be like the servant in Matthew 25, who was trusted with one talent (a chance of a lifetime) and squandered it. I want to be like the servant who seizes the opportunity, who will not be side-tracked or distracted. The opportunity to use the gifts God has given me, in the service of the Lord of the Gift, is the chance of a lifetime. There is no tragedy like the tragedy of the unopened gift. I am ready! He is calling me, just like he called Peter, to get out of the boat, into the risky waters of faith, to walk on water that will change my life forever. If someone would have told me I’d be doing this a few years ago, in the middle of a debilitating illness, I would never have believed them. But wow, look what God has done.


I do have to say that although this sounds extremely exciting, there is a cost, and not just financial…. But for those that want to financially support me, and be a part of what God is doing in the nations, then please follow this link.


Thank you all for your support and kind words of encouragement. And if you’d like to keep updated with my journey, please let me know.



Zoe Baker