12 people from East Grinstead, including several from JCC will be joining a team travelling to Uganda on 19th October for 10 days. Those going with me (Rob Baker) are:

Zoe Baker, Alex Bool, Ruth Bradburn, Karly Gurr, Will Norris, Kevin Defriend, Ian Wallis, Adrian Young, Steven Brackfield, Ian Wilkins, Dave Wood, Danny Morris and Steve Rogers.

The 2 main projects we will be focusing on are:

1. Football Outreach
The football ministry will focus on reaching a particularly marginalised group of young men who work doing taxi motorbike services, known as Boda Boda Boys. The nature of their work means that an income is never secure and they are often accused of crime and heavy drinking. Though the community will continue to use their services, they will often look down on them and stigmatise them.
Through local church leader Pastor Alex, International Needs will run a football tournament for these young men, to build relationships with them and introduce them to Jesus.
The ministry will include times of teaching, prayer, counselling and worship. Through this, Pastor Alex hopes to not only share God’s love with them but improve their relationships with their community.

2. Water Project – Village support package
This year International Needs are working with four villages in Uganda to bring them clean water and improved sanitation. They plan carefully to ensure the work is managed and owned by the communities they partner with, to ensure the long-lasting impact and sustainability of the project.
We want to provide a holistic £25,000 support package for 1 village to help reduce the impact of waterborne disease. The package will include a combination of new and restored water sources, new and restored school toilets, new family bathrooms, hygiene education in schools, community hygiene meetings and much more.

STEP 1 – Bring the village community together to discuss their water and sanitation needs.

STEP 2 – Prioritise with them which training and facilities they need the most.

STEP 3 – Build these facilities and train the community to care for them.

STEP 4 – Ongoing hygiene education lessons in schools and the community.

We will be running a few fundraising events such as the Quiz night on 16th June at JCC – 7pm. Teams of 8 to 10 people – £5 per person. Bring snacks for table and a bar will be provided. Everyone is welcome. To book a ticket email mazzabaker@gmail.com. Click here to see the flyer.

ALL proceeds will be going to the above projects.
Please do support us in prayer and/or giving through our Virgin Money Giving page


Many thanks
Rob Baker