God’s Kingdom is so often the reverse of ours. ‘Sensible, wise’ choices in the natural are re-written in the supernatural. 
To see results we might think we should be on top form. Fresh, mind active and body well fed. Yet when Christ is put through 40 days of intense testing by Satan himself, Jesus fasts. Anyone who has fasted for any length of time will know the physical effects, shaking, weariness, mind fog, weak muscles, short temper etc. This was the position Jesus adopted to overcome – why, after this week of prayer and fasting at Jubilee I’m convinced of three reasons.
Fasting is a spiritual discipline which produces results – we are told this in Matthew 6:16. Moreover, when we look at the life of Jesus, He made Himself vulnerable through fasting.
  1. Hangry for the Kingdom:
Fasting makes you hangry. I found I was less likely to accept no response. I’m ready right now for results please! We become urgent, ready to see prayerful impact. We are hungry to see answered prayer and this hunger and urgency is no bad thing. Too often we give up too soon, lack conviction in our prayers, but fasting cuts through this.
  1. Frail and needy:
Fasting from one meal can cause distracted thoughts, you fast for a week and you can barely think of anything else – we are so dependent of food! We think we’re strong but we aren’t. We think we are impressive but we’re not. We are frail and needy beings, and fasting reminds us of this. We need food, but more than this we need God. God’s life, His mercy and His breakthroughs. Without this, we can’t make anything of the Kingdom happen.
This week I am again humbled to the point of simply asking to be a part of God’s plan In East Grinstead, rather than thinking I am God’s plan for East Grinstead.
  1. Fasting requires control:
Paul teaches that he masters his desires, thoughts and body (1 Corinthians 9:27). Fasting teaches me at a fundamental level that I get to say what goes in, and when. The same is true spiritually. I don’t have to just swallow every lie, or every temptation as if I am bound by fate. I am a free citizen of Heaven and as such I should take more care with what I watch, what I eat and what I do.
Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for the stomach. It teaches me to be earnest, to be reliant and to be a steward. Lord we pray, let your Glory fall, today, now. We, your people need your presence more than we need food for our bodies. Thank you that you, Jesus, are the bread of life.
by Dan Baptist