Rees Howells – Intercessor

Born in Wales 1879, Rees Howells worked as a tin and coal miner, but God called him to a life of intercession, even though he continued working in the collieries.

At a convention, God called Rees to a life of total commitment and obedience. Rees eventually accepted it and sensed that he was given direct access to God. The Holy Spirit taught Rees how, by trusting in God’s word and His promises, he would be able to have a life of seeing the promises realised.

He and his friends reached out to the homeless and held nothing of their own back, finding work and accommodation for the homeless. It was their prayers and intercession that brought breakthrough in peoples’ lives and God provided all their needs.

The prayers of Rees and his friends were probably the biggest factor in saving the British army at Dunkirk.

Rees and his friends were committed individuals that brought about changes to world history by prayer and faith in Jesus and His word. They were only a small group but had a powerful impact.

The challenge is, are we willing to commit ourselves to God so that He can use us in great intercession to bring about breakthrough?


Written by Norman Gaddas