Update on Beth-el Church since the Gift Day

For some time now we have been developing a good friendship with Beth-el Church,
Tirana, Albania.

The church was planted almost 30 years ago, soon after the fall of communism in that
country. As in most cities there are a number of rich people and poor people, but in Tirana
the number of poor is vast.

Towards the end of 2019 Tirana was struck by a series of earthquakes, some quite
powerful and causing considerable damage. Several homes were destroyed or made
uninhabitable, including that of one of the leaders of the church. Many jobs were lost as
some business premises became unsafe.

Earlier this year the coronavirus came along and caused yet more devastation and
suffering. Albania was very quick to lock down, and very rigid in the enforcement of new
rules to limit the spread of infection. This meant that more jobs were lost.

Before the last gift day at Jubilee in May of this year, it was recognised that, even in such
difficult times, God was calling us to be generous with the gifts he has given the church.
The decision was made to give and amount from the gift day to Beth-el church to relieve
some of the suffering of those worst off.

The closest needs are those in the church who either do not have a job, or who are
working but just not making enough money to live on. Also the local authority have
approached the leaders to ask if the church can help with feeding some families in the
local community who do not have enough money to buy food. This help will be in the
form of food boxes.

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity, it is very much appreciated.

Andy Amey