“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply” – James Hudson Taylor

Looking ahead to this gift day I took a moment to tally up the last two years worth of gift days, I think you’ll be amazed! 

Here are some of the areas we have given towards; 

  • over 26k for a permanent prayer room (which is so close to completion!) 
  • over 28k to Covid-19 relief fund in Africa & micro business start ups
  • 9k towards the mental health support of youth in the East Grinstead area through Fegans
  • 10k in the set up and staffing of Church online 
  • 16k for a JCC pastoral crisis care fund

If that doesn’t stir your faith and remind you of our mission then I’m not sure what will…..!

 Where are we giving this October?

Our gift days are designed to flow into the mission of Jubilee Community Church. This October we have highlighted 3 key areas of focus.

  1. Jubilee ministries
  2. Jubilee initiatives/ventures
  3. Newground 

We anticipate raising over £24,000 this autumn and plan to split this gift between the three areas listed.

Jubilee Ministries: This will enable discipleship, groups, trips and activities to continue to flourish in this season, blessing all ages at JCC.

Jubilee Initiatives/Ventures: This autumn the initiative we plan to focus on will be Prison Fellowship. In addition to this we also wish to begin raising finance for a proposed future project at JCC. The project in mind is a cafe located in the Jubilee Centre. It is very early days in this process, however taking a gift will allow us to gauge if the Church members have faith/desire for this.

New Ground: New Ground provides a network of Churches to belong to as well as apostolic oversight. This autumn New Ground is taking a gift to enable the support of church plants and Church discipleship, and we want to support them in this.

We hope you will join us this Autumn as we give together. Alternatively you can give online (just remember to use the ref: giftday) https://www.jcceg.co.uk/giving/

In Love

Dan Baptist – Lead Pastor