Newday is a Christian festival run by New-Frontiers for youth aged 11-19 for one week in the summer. Jubilee Community Church is hosting an event called Newday on the Road on the 20th June! This is a small taster of Newday getting everyone prepared, hyped up and raring for the real thing at the end of July. Ben Rowe who is an elder at and helps lead KCC Southampton will be speaking; I heard him at the Newday workers conference and he is incredibly gifted! Rebekah Cox will be leading worship with the Newday band, what a privilege! There is also going to be a BUNGEE RUN! Yes a BUNGEE RUN! As well as lots of games and a café run by the amazing Dan and Hannah Baptist. It is going to be a great time so be sure to invite all of your friends and grab anybody off the street – it’s free!!