For the Equipping of the Saints….

In Acts chapter 1 Luke, the author of Acts, refers back to his gospel with these word:

“In my former book Theopholis I wrote about all that Jesus Christ began to do and teach..”

The inference is clear, Jesus began a ministry, and though he completed fully his unique role in terms of his death, resurrection and ascension, his intention was always that his followers, the church, would continue the works of his Kingdom until he returns.

The role of leadership in the church is to enable and equip all believers to do just that. To proclaim the Kingdom of God in word and deed in every area of life.

Here at Jubilee we believe that there is no sacred secular divide in the Kingdom of God. Sunday mornings and Monday mornings are both vital to God’s purposes. God cares passionately about how I praise him and how I parent my children. Praying for a miracle and handling my money well are both acts of worship.

Our heart as a leadership team is to be equipping one another all year round. However, our May Month of Equipping is a great way to focus on one area and see how God wants to grow us in a specific arena of life.

Why not sign up to one of the great tracks that are running this year and see what God might do?

Which track are we running?
  • An Introduction to The Holy Spirit
  • Getting to grips with The Bible
  • The Marriage Course
  • Primary Parenting
  • Handling Money
  • Building a Disciplined Life
  • Inner Healing (Freedom in Christ)
  • Christianity in the Work Place
  • Apologetics (Tough Questions)