Day 3 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Grace Orkar

Take me away with you let us hurry
Let the King bring me into his chambers
That I may gaze upon the beauty, the splendour and the glory of my King

The one who made me, who formed and conceived me from my mother’s womb.
God my King is committed to me forever having sworn by himself that he will keep and sustain his covenant to love me forever.

He knows me yet loves me more than anyone else could do. I am humbled and excited and I tremble, shed tears, laugh and smile all at the same time!

O Lord my God you are so deserving of my affection, my commitment and total devotion and my all.

During the forty days of devotion, I want to first of all grow in my devotion to my Heavenly Father by revisiting the things that I feel he has laid on my heart to do but I haven’t. Things like committing scripture into memory and stopping during the day to remember what my quiet time in the morning was about.

My other desire for this time is to grow in fellowship. Fellowship is unique to the household of God and as children of God we have much more in common than I can see sometimes.

I will be making time to spend with friends and looking to building new relationships and improving on existing ones.

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