Day 15 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Ann Rowsell

Over recent years I have become intrigued by the women of God who feature in the history of the church in the UK. How did these women become devoted to God in a pre-internet age, before teaching could be accessed via podcasts; there were no inspirational memes on social media and the majority couldn’t attend a conference where they were encouraged to spend a day pressing in to God. How on earth did 18th and 19th century women grow in their faith and get such a good grasp of the character of God?

I bought a couple of books: “Women of Faith and Courage” which features such women as Susanna Wesley, Fanny Crosby and Catherine Booth. Catherine Booth especially fascinated me as I became aware she was incredibly influential in co-founding the Salvation Army and was reckoned to have a stronger influence on its theology and radical mission than her husband, so I bought a book just about her life (and theology). Unfortunately, despite these good intentions the books have just gathered dust on the bookshelf, so I am intending to spend the next 40 days discovering how these women devoted themselves to God and developed a radical faith.

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