Day 14 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Kris Defriend

I have a photo which sums up what I want to do more of during this devoted time of Lent. It’s of a young Kezi and Jake on a summer’s day. Kev had been washing the car and in helping they have been caught in the spray. Their faces are upturned and full of joy and fun and the breath-taking surprise of cold refreshing water on hot skin. Exquisite.

I want to come to Jesus, my face upturned and feel the drops of His Spirit drench and refresh me. And I want to stay right there. Face, soul, heart, and strength all turned towards Him.

When Jesus talked to the woman at the well He made it really clear that He was talking about the Holy Spirit as living water that would mean an end to thirst.

I want to stop visiting Jesus periodically as though I can partake of God’s power and love and treat it like a ‘take away’ to ‘make it mine’ and keep it under my control. It doesn’t work. I just end up thirsty and spiritually dry. So this Lent, I’ve repented of my self-sufficiency and I’m asking the Holy Spirit to please help me to live fully and exquisitely drenched. I submit Lord. Come have your way.

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