Ashburnham is a beautiful place. Being with church family of all ages is a beautiful thing. If camping is not your favourite activity then think of a hot brew and bacon butty in the fresh morning air and reconsider. Whether in canvas or in a mobile something which you have managed to beg or borrow, being in it together is very special. If you really can’t face the outdoors then look at rooms on site or local B & B or travel in for the day, but don’t miss out. This year will be the topic of conversation for long afterwards and is an important part of us ‘getting ready’. It’s a great way for members of your family to get to know others and there is plenty to do in between the sessions. We recall football tournaments and a fairy liquid mega slide which defied all risk assessments and kept all ages zooming down the slope for hours.

There is something for all ages in terms of meetings, more focused afternoon seminars and usually something musical and youth orientated in the evening.

Last time we were blessed with fast food stands of real quality and variety, so this year we will take the obligatory frozen blocks of spaghetti bolognese for the first day, and then treat ourselves. We might try and rival the South African contingent with a BBQ round the fire pit this year as the smell wafting across camp was divine whenever they started their feasting.

Special things happen in special places – so much prayer has happened over the years at Ashburnham that you can expect to be blessed by your time there. Don’t miss out – join us!!!