This is Teddy.

He’s not my dog, but the only one allowed in our house because he doesn’t make anyone wheeze or sneeze. He adores his owners who are the centre of his world. He kind of loves me a little bit, wagging his tail and rolling over for a tummy rub, but I’m not his focus, they are. When they have been away he stands at the door, ears pricked, tail wagging, perhaps scratching the door, and when they come in… he barks, runs around in circles with his tail going nineteen to the dozen!

So why, you may be wondering, am I writing about a dog, albeit a very cute one? During one of my devotions this week I came across this, which I found quite profound, so thought I would share it with you. Psalm 119 v 2 says, ‘Blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart’. The Hebrew word for ‘wholehearted’ is ‘Caleb’, but an alternative meaning for ‘Caleb’ is ‘dog’.

Thinking back to Teddy and comparing him to me. Is God the centre of my focus and adoration? Do I wait on Him with excitement and anticipation? Do I seek and serve him wholeheartedly and give him everything, or just a little bit? In these forty days, as I draw closer to my Heavenly Father and get to know him more intimately, I truly want to be wholehearted in my devotion of him.

Jane Procter