17 December 

Micah 5-7 

Growing up I had this amazing cousin of mine who was honestly my favourite person; he could do no wrong in my eyes – he was my hero, but I remember one day he promised me that if I got ready in time on this particular Saturday, he would take me to the Zoo. So that morning I got up early, had a shower and waited…waited and…. waited but he didn’t show up. I was heartbroken because I had kept my end of the deal but he hadn’t. However, now that I’m older I understand that he was only human and things can change your plans, maybe he had work that day and couldn’t make it. He didn’t keep his promise but he was only human. 


But reading today’s scriptures just reminded me of the fact that God is a faithful God and he will ALWAYS fulfil his promises. When he promises something, He will always fulfil it – no matter what it is. Looking at Micah you can see that he promises a ruler who will bring peace (Micah 5-3,5).  You can already see him laying down his groundwork which he then fulfils with Jesus’s birth. Now the question is why did he make this promise? If you read on you can see that Israel isn’t doing well, – it’s broken and corrupt morally. It talks about sons dishonouring their fathers and daughters rising up against their mothers. Also how the rich are violent and how the citizens are liars and deceivers, and because of their sins, they were going to be punished. But then the book of Micah goes on to talk about the salvation and restoration which points to hope in God, even though the Israelites had turned their backs on God, He still wanted to have a relationship with them. 



Dear Heavenly Father 

I just want to thank you so much for the love and grace that You have for us. You saw us hurting and heading to an unpleasant end and that pained You because Your love for us is unending, You promised Your own son so that we can be closer together. God I thank You for loving us endlessly even though we don’t deserve it. I also want to thank You for being a faithful God whose promises are always fulfilled. I pray this in Your mighty name. Amen 


Calvin Saoke 


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