Vision is powerful. Men and women with great vision achieve great things. Vision is not just a dream, dreams evaporate into the ether of wishful thinking, true vision shapes our attitudes, our actions and our accomplishments. The writer of proverbs summarised it thus:

“WITHOUT VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH” or more accurately “Without vision the people cast off restraint”

Why did Jessica Ennis Hill become our most celebrated female athlete this decade? Well she won two world championships and an Olympic Gold, but the podium was simply the fruit of her lifestyle over the last decade. Up early every day to train, strict diet, early nights and personal sacrifice on a daily basis. Why did she make these daily sacrifices of time, money and energy? Because she had a vision, a vision to be the best she could be and the best in the world in her field. We know she had a vision not a dream, because her life was shaped by her vision. Without vision the people cast off restraint, but with vision the people shape their lives to seek and serve that vision.

We have a vision to see more people, more like Jesus in our neighbourhood, our nation and the nations.

This could easily become a dream, spiritual wishful thinking along the lines of “wouldn’t it be nice if…” Alternatively it could become a vision that each of us grabs hold of with both hands. We are called to be “oaks of righteousness”, a generation that rebuilds and restores our neighbourhood, our nation and the nations. We are called to be filled with the Holy Spirit to such an extent that we:

  • Preach the gospel
  • Set the prisoner free
  • Bind up the broken hearted
  • Care for the poor
  • Help those who mourn to a place of praise
  • See our society transformed by the grace of God
  • To proclaim a year of Jubilee for our generation

Vision series and sermons are one thing – entertaining and inspiring for a Sunday morning, but what if we all stepped into God’s vision for our generations, for our family, for our neighbourhood, for our work place. What if God is calling us personally to see the Kingdom explode in our sphere of influence through salvation, signs and wonders or social action? What if God is calling us to church plant in this nation or another? What if God is calling us to love our community in word and deed to such an extent that they are compelled to seek the source of our love? What a vision adventure that might be to enter into together!