Let’s Pray in a New Way


I will be deceiving myself if I pretend that there has not been much change in my life and the world around me recently. I will also be under an illusion to expect that life will be going back to business as usual when all is said and done.

The crisis and urgency of COVID 19 reminds us of the frailty of life, the need for salvation and the need for the urgent intervention of the manifest Kingdom of our God.

We need revival!

For Sam and I, we felt specifically drawn to prayer a few years ago and asked the Father to teach us how to pray. As a leadership team at Jubilee, we have also felt the Father drawing us to Himself and the realisation that prayer is the destination and not a means to a destination.

I know too well that I cannot continue to live my life the same way I am living now. Now is the perfect time to bring the impact of the gospel and resources of Heaven to bear on the lost, hurting, poor, sick, confused, forgotten and those living in their sin.

“There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer” Arthur Tappan Pierson


Prayer permits Heaven to invade earth and bring the desired change and peace. I believe that such prayer and desperation are therefore the bedrock of every move of God on the Earth, including the one we are about to see right here, right now.

I feel insatiable hunger for the presence of God and for His divine intervention, to awaken the body of Christ to the impact that we are meant to have on our society and our world.  Thankfully, prayer connects us to God in such a manner that we can truly be the salt and light of our world.


“Can I pray on my own, in my own time?”

Yes, and there is a place for that, but the word of God is also clear that our united prayers attract the presence and power of God. This was clearly demonstrated by the early Church in the book of Acts.


“Why do we need to pray daily?”

As a Church, we have felt drawn to prayer and prayer is at the forefront of our values.  We are committed to growing in this adventure as the Holy Spirit leads us. Recently, we felt the Lord say “if we pray the way we have not prayed before, we would also see results that we have never seen before”. So, from January 18th we are launching 24/7 prayer for that week. An exciting opportunity for Jubilee to cover each minute, hour and day during this week in prayer.

It won’t stop there, following that week there will be a daily opportunity to gather and pray between 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm. The Zoom link will be published after the week of prayer.


Consider this, how would you pray if:

  1. a) You were certain that all your prayers would be answered? Clue – Matthew 7:8
  2. b) You had an expert in prayer to partner with each time you wanted to pray? Clue – Romans 8:26
  3. c) You were convinced that God had entrusted you with the resources of Heaven to freely administer? Clue – Revelation 5:10


It is our hope that you can join us in this adventure, as we boldly and confidently lift up Jesus’s name and bring the goodness of Heaven to our communities, the nation and nations.


All the details on how to get involved will be released soon.

See you there!

Love Sam & Grace