Praying all Week!

Welcome to 2020 Jubilee Community Church! John 15v7 is a verse that we feel has real significance at this time.

If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

Learning to abide: (to remain, stay, and wait) comes at a cost to self. Abiding in Him signifies humility of heart which seeks Gods will and in that place of abiding we get to make our requests.

We want to invite you to what might be the most pivotal and powerful moment this term – our week of prayer. Last term we saw 14 responses to the gospel, many of which were first time commitments. However these salvations were first promised and contended for at the week of prayer in September!

So let’s once again make our legitimate reasons for missing the week of prayer, illegitimate!

One fun way you can connect with this week of prayer is by setting a reminder for 15:07pm (the time is taken from the verse in John above!). It’s so exciting to think that a Church will be brought together in prayer for a few minutes every day. Some will be caring for children or elderly parents, whilst others will be based in a London office or on a building site, all pausing to pray for Gods kingdom to come.

At each of the evening prayer times from the 6th – 12th Jan there will be teaching, worship and opportunity to seek God together.

“Prayer is not the journey it is the destination”

See you there,

Dan Baptist