Brothers and Sisters, it’s been four weeks now since our week of prayer and fasting, during which time God met with us powerfully. 

There was a definite sense of revelation on the journey of rebuilding the walls like Nehemiah did, and a knowing that we have engaged in the purposes of God for us as individuals and as a Church. 


We had received a prophetic word about the ship leaving the harbour and the ‘lines-ropes’ are completely cut off as it would never return.  Another word also came in form of a journey, like the pilot and his crew, we have engaged in V1 and the take off cannot be aborted, the captain has his hands off the thrust levers and we have committed to the V2 take off safety speed which must overcome the force of gravity and every other opposing force.  


There were many other accurate prophetic words given to individuals and groups of people.  Everyday of the prayer week had its feel of the presence of the God in a different dimension and in increasing measure as the week progressed. 


I believe with all my heart that as a Church, we are experiencing the power of prayer and our week of prayer was a milestone to remember.  Like the pilots, we cannot afford to quickly forget and revert back to complacency, too busy, distractions and the way we have always done things.  Yes, life in itself may seem to be up and down but we are called to live above these things and here’s the heart of God for you and I, expressed in the following scriptures:-Proverbs 4:20, 2Corinthians 1:18, Psalm 84:7  


For us the greater the storm and challenges of life, the higher we soar like eagles.  We simply have no excuses to revert back to mediocrity, stagnancy, being neither hot nor cold (lukewarm) in God, as then we are not fit for purpose! Rev3:15-16 


If you are finding things difficult, never stay on your own, share it with someone and expect that God would rescue, save and deliver you because he specialises in these.  Let’s be part of the starling murmuration for we are made for the display of the splendour of our Heavenly Father! Isaiah 61:3 & Ephesians 3:10 


Beloved, God is amongst us! The preaching of the word and the impact of such word in our lives has changed! We are receiving profound answers to prayers and many more testimonies are on their way! Soon the glory of the LORD will overtake us as we gather in his temple and there will be much more than we could ever ask or imagine… 



Thinking about you & Praying for you All