We are entering an exciting May Month of Equipping. For full vision behind our May Month of equipping listen to Simon’s Sermon ‘the Equipping of Christ

For times and any further details please contact the church office or the Hosts direct.

Here are the details for the topics that still have spaces available:

Subject Hosts Day Start Date Venue
Getting to grips with the Bible Rowsell’s & Chipperfield’s Wednesday 7th May 19 Springfield, EG, RH19 2RT
Growing in Spiritual Gifts Laurence and Rochelle Evans Wednesday 14th May JCC
Apologetics Simon Elliott Tuesday 6th May JCC
Pursuing Healing Pete Benton & Lesley Cowley Tuesday 6th May 122 Charlwoods Rd, EG, RH19 2JD
Marriage Pete and Sharon Hill Wednesday 7th May 40 Benchfield close, EG, RH19 3NZ
Handling Money CAP Team Thursday (3 weeks) 15th May JCC
Building a disciplined life Sam and Grace Okar Wednesday 7th May JCC
Handling singleness Claire Beattie, Callum Cookman & James Buckefield Wednesday 14th May 6 Glendyne Way, EG, RH19 4LS
Primary Parenting Sarah and Dave Jenkins Monday 12th May Effingham Lane, Copthorne
Teenage Parenting Mike and Julia Levy Thursday 8th May 26 Spring Gardens, Copthorne
Teenage Parenting Kris and Kevin Defriend Thursday 8th May Southwick House, Wilderwick Rd, Dormansland