God in the work place

Here at Jubilee one of our key values is that there is no sacred/secular divide. God is as interested in our work place as he is in our worship. In fact we believe that how we work is a key part of our worship (Col 3:23).

On the 27th May Simon will be hosting a one off equipping track on honouring God in our workplace. Before being a church leader Simon worked for the government and then for a sales driven publishing house. Drawing principles from biblical figures like Daniel who had to work out his faith in a strange and foreign land, Simon will be looking at how we honour God in our workplace and also see our work as a vital part of God’s Kingdom mission.

There will also be time to learn from others and ask questions of the leadership team on how we continue to support one another in the workplace.

Venue will be dependent on numbers so if you would like to attend this track please email the office at office@jcceg.co.uk.