Rugby is a game that I have always loved and have recently been able to pass on my passion through coaching new players at EGRFC which has been great fun and highly rewarding. So when Dan asked if I would do a similar thing for our Summer Term of Equipping, I jumped at the chance.

Our first week saw about 30 players turn up, with four East Grinstead churches represented. A huge mix of ages (12 – 60’s) and abilities (Beginners – Toulouse squad scrum half) and a great number of ladies made up our crew as we started our rugby journey. A quick team huddle and prayer starts us off, before warm up and stretches lead us into some coaching of the basic skills needed for both defence and attack. We then split into two groups to play touch rugby, the more experienced and the beginners.

In the first week, I was hugely impressed with the handling ability and development of all players and this trend has continued, so now in week five, we were able to play a game of full on touch rugby all together which made me very proud! Surprisingly, apart from Simon and Dan who are so loud it’s hard to shut them up, communication is the area we still need to develop. In a game of real pace, it is vital that all our team mates know exactly what is going on, so getting our quieter members to shout has proved the hardest thing (Stopping Simon cheating is also a challenge)!

I have met a couple of players for the first time, and gotten to know many others so much better, and I hope that has been the case for everyone. I know the guys from the other churches are loving it, and real relationships are being built across the denominations. A number of new players have expressed an interest in playing for EGRFC this coming season for both senior and junior teams, with some ladies keen to join our squad who are hoping to put out a competitive female side this year.

With only three weeks left before our end of season tournament, there is still lots to learn and I can’t wait for next Tuesday!